Human Calculators is a fabulous institute, renowned for excellence in math, memory and other courses which really help us in academic growth. The training is world class and being taught by experts for my Exam Time helped me achieve my goals. It offers superior guidance to succeed in various fields..


    Being a parent, I always wanted my daughter to excel academically and emotionally. Human Calculators is probably the only institution which offers these excellences under one umbrella. Their scientifically designed curriculum inculcates values for academic and personal growth.


    The fee Structure at Human Calculators is very affordable. The best part of it is the Membership Scheme. I got to choose the best of the membership schemes in which I got the added benefits. This enabled my younger sister to do one more course and that too FREE of cost.

  • Anushka Nikam (Grade 10, ICSE, Nasik)

    Hello Devang Sir, First and foremost I would like to express my gratitude towards you for taking me into a completely different world where no would ever have a phobia for mathematics. The techniques and the way in which you shared your knowledge with us was amazing. And the most wonderful part was the one when your daughter, a 5 year old kid solved such a burdensome sum in seconds!!!!!!!! Our country is fortunate to have super minds like you. At last I have an adjective for you - SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS, which means an extraordinarily wonderful thing or person.

  • Sarthak Shirole (Class X CBSE , Vidya Vikas International School)

    Today's session was really a life changing experience for all of us. The math tricks that you taught us were just Amazing...I would either call them "SUPER DUPER TRICKS". You made the mathematics so easy for all of us that it lead me to believe that Mathematics can be done in magical way by using your magical tricks of mathematics. You are really a "Magician of Mathematics" who made maths so easy for all of us. I thank you for inspiring us and provide us such a great knowledge that will definitely change our life. And you are a true gem of India and we are lucky to have you as a Indian. It makes me proud of India. I really appreciate your efforts to take the fun of mathematics to each and every child. I really hope for some more amazing sessions...

  • Tisha Kothari (Class X ,Espalier School)

    Sir, you are a great mathematician. Having 23 degrees at 23 is not a joke. Yesterday's session was wonderful. I have attended many sessions till now, but there was something special about this one, not just because of the tricks but also because of your extraordinary ability to convey them to us. In the beginning you solved a huge multiplication sum, even before we completed our typing on the calculator. It left me still, this was unbelievable but your astounding performance forced me to believe that HUMAN can be CALCULATOR. One more astonishing highlight of this session was the efficiency you had in your calculations, this proved us that every sum has a solution but solving it within a couple of seconds makes you stand out of the crowd.

  • Sakshi Satpute

    Human Calculators session left me completely speechless when I saw a lengthy mathematical expression being solved before a calculator. I was even astonished to see your 5 year old daughter solved it faster than a calculator. This is an epitome of EFFICIENCY, BRILLIANCE, and INTELLIGENCE.

  • Diya Jain ( Class X, CBSE)

    I loved the session where it was taught how to deal with the tension before the exam when our mind seems to be blank.. These tricks are very useful for us and the guidelines you gave us were must appreciated.

  • Vedashree Lingayat ( Class 9, CBSE)

    Your session was really very distinct, different , innovative from all the ones which I have been attending in years of my life. Your tricks were really very different and had some magic which I have never seen before. I have never thought that maths could be easy to this end.

  • Sanskruti Bhat

    What I loved about Human Calculators is its infrastructure and the ambience of the training room. It is filled with a lot of positivity and always kept me alert during training sessions. The colour combination and a soft music played during the session always kept me active and it turned out to be very effective in my studies..